Hannibal elbow circulating pump types RU 200 and RU 300

Hannibal Rohrbogen-Umwälzpumpen Typ RU 200 und RU 300

These are used as circulating, mixing, and drainage pumps in public paths, paper factories, sugar factories, beet washing plant, and similar.


Pump and bearing housing and motor skirt of grey cast iron; propeller and wear ring of G-SnBz10; shaft of SM steel on double ball bearings; shaft seal in the form of a mechanical seal with sealing rings. For special requirements, we can supply pump parts contacting the pumped medium in abrasion and acid resistant chromium alloy cast iron and in acid resistant stainless steel, red brass, or bronze with carbide mechanical seal.


Type Propeller design Pump with free shaft end (kg) Drive motor (kW) Pump with coupling and motor (kg)
RU 300 III 190 7.5 approx 170
 1. Pump housing
 2. Propeller
 7. Bearing housing
 8. Motor skirt
 9. Bearing cover
10. Bearing cover
11. Seat ring
12. Impeller cap
13. Wear ring
17. Shaft
18. Deep groove ball bearing
46. Mechanical seal
47. Shaft seals


Details and Figures are without commitment and subject to changes without prior notice.

Type A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P R S Number
of holes
up to 4 kW up to 7.5 kW over 7.5 kW                                      
RU 300 345 643 663 693 235 300 535 200 300 420 240 220 340 70 22 300 400 445 23 12 32k6 35.3 10
Type RU 300
Design III
Motor output (kW) 7.5
a (approx) 1070
b (approx) 407
c (approx) 267
d (approx) 411
e 230
f 265
g 300
h M 12
i 84

The pumps can be used both horizontally (with motor type B5) and vertically (with motor type V3).
The drive takes the form of a perfectly encapsulated three-phase IP 54 squirrel cage rotor running clockwise at n = 1450 rpm. The supply voltage must be specified in the order.

The following output data apply to raising water at a temperature of about 20 °C and a speed n of 1450 rpm, based on the DIN warranty tolerances.

The RU 300 performance diagram.

Addition outputs possible at other speeds (950 rpm) and with special propellers.

Details and Figures are without commitment and subject to changes without prior notice.